Jordi Enters the Music Industry With Her First Single, “Hate You”

Sundhya Alter

Known for her relatable TikTok videos and viral online presence, Jordi has broken into the music industry with cathartic new single “Hate You.” After teasing the song on her account leading up to the song's release, the rising artist experienced immediate traction with her first single, a track that contemplates the confusing synonymity of love, pain, and anger that linger. Resonating with her loyal online following, the singer gives listeners a song that voices all the things you wish you could say but are afraid to admit out loud.  

Full of deep-breathed reflections and guarded confessions, the pop ballad’s melodic rhythm is catchy enough to pull you in before getting hooked on the coldness of her honest lyrics. Singing, “hate how you love me in the right ways, how you turned us into a cliche, hate how you made me fall, hate how I don’t hate you at all” Jordi layers the ache of her words with a more delicate piano accompaniment. Avoiding the cynicism often associated with heartbreak hits, “Hate You” is a paradox to its own title. Instead, it is a spoken series of regrets adorned with the leftovers of a kind of love that might never cease.  

Striking a chord with listeners, Jordi is sure to continue making hits encapsulating the emotions that can be hard to shake.

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