kurffew Continues to Win 2023, Releasing Another Banger “romanticwityob!tch”

Ian Hansen

I can’t think of many new artists having a better 2023 than kurffew, who is coming off of his breakout song, “lazy,” and has added to the bubbling haste — or sped up songs — scene taking over TikTok right now. He has 458.9k likes on TikTok and the music is evident to why. He releases nothing but exceptional music, including his recent song, “romanticwityob!tch.”

The LA-based musician puts his own spin on the early 2000s alt-rock sound, and “romanticwityob!tch” sees kurffew honing in on his own sound. The track kicks off with a crisp guitar riff that leads effortlessly into his off-kilter, yet catchy-as-hell vocals that are extremely compelling.

I see why so many people gravitate toward kurffew’s music. It is full of spirit, and there is a certain bounce to it that makes me want to dance. He continues to level up his sound by the day, and artists of his caliber tend to last awhile in music.

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