zachy’s Angelic Vocals Highlight His Recent Release, “if i fall”

Ian Hansen

Ever since I discovered zachy, I've been hooked. The singer, songwriter, and producer has recently gained traction and a loyal fanbase from TikTok, amassing 195k likes and counting, including one video that has over 81k likes promoting his release, “if i fall.”

I love music that is nostalgic toward something that I have never experienced, and every single one of zachy’s songs I have listened to check that box — “if i fall” is that in its purest form. I am not sure if it is the blissful harmonies, a celestial guitar loop, or the raw songwriting, but whatever it is, is undeniable.

The track is as relatable as it gets, detailing the turbulent path of learning how to be loved again. "if i fall" articulates that in a way that is authentic to the Richmond, Virginia native as he sings, "If I fall for you, will you pick me back up, cause I would die for you, just to prove I’m enough.”

Zachy continues to set the bar high for upcoming artists, and with his consistent output of music, expect to see his name all over the place soon. 2023 is going to be a big year for the 19-year-old multitalented artist, and I can’t wait to see it.

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