Lawsy’s Signature Sexxnb Sound Is at The Forefront of 'Lawsy Pick Up' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

North Carolina native, Lawsy, returns with a bang on his album Lawsy Pick Up, boasting a collection of bangers, witty one-liners, and his signature sexxnb production. After going viral with his breakout single "Hotel" a year ago, Lawsy's artistry has been gaining steam with each subsequent release. His distinctive blend of 90s R&B and contemporary sounds has taken the world by storm.

The album kicks off with the moody track "Talk 2 U," delving into themes of lust and infatuation. With a smooth R&B beat layered with a harp and synths, as Lawsy delivers his verses, urging, "Look me in the eyes and tell me I am the one."

Noteworthy tracks from Lawsy Pick Up include the seductive Sexxnb anthem "Telephone," the soulful "Notes," the introspective and romantic "Text From You," and the laid-back after-hours number "Callin Ya." The project follows Lawsy's recent successful singles like "So Many Reasons," "27 GH," and "Giddy Up," each displaying a different facet of his prodigious talent.

Lawsy continues to rise as a musician, and I’m extremely excited to see how he continues to build his innovative sound.

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