Story of Glitz, Glamor, and Darkness of Leon Thomas’ ‘Electric Dusk’ [Album Review]

Leon Thomas’, Electric Dusk, may be his debut album as a recording artist but I can guarantee you have heard multitudes of Grammy Award winning musical genius as a producer, background vocalist, and co-writer for the past decade in support of other known artists. Most notably known for staring in your favorite television sitcom based on a Los Angeles Art School students, Leon brought those songwriting and music production skills to life to his career as a musician with his first co-write credit for Ariana Grande’s debut single, "Honeymoon Avenue," to his most recent notable co-producer/co-writing credit for "Snooze" by SZA. 

Setting the album’s sultry scene of luxury with "Slow Down" and ending with the struggle of finding real connections with "Socialite," Leon’s storytelling begins with the highlife and opulence of a successful individual and brings you through the journey of struggles including infidelity, vulnerability, and surrender. Each R&B track is smooth with hints of eerie, like a feel of yearning for something specific to be happier but not exactly figuring out what that thing or solution is which can be more heard in the lyrics of the track "Crash & Burn." My favorite tracks off of the album are "Blue Hundreds" and "Fade to Black." "Blue Hundreds" is a unique sounding track that  refers to the blue line on fresh hundred dollar bills, however what I love the most about the track is how it’s also audibly different from the rest of its R&B counterparts by being identified as more of an upbeat blues track. "Fade to Black" starts with a famous quote "Absolute power corrupts power, absolutely" and a movie-esque dialogue that fits the story that is "Fade to Black" so perfectly in the realization of no longer being morally honest or fading of what one's morals are. Electric Dusk is simply just unskippable in my book and a cruising type vibe for your next roadtrip by the beach. 

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