Li 9 Comes with Different Energy on “Still Tippin” with Veeze

Ian Hansen

A new star has emerged from Mississippi's rich musical landscape and his name is Li 9. His latest track, "Still Tippin," is a testament to his versatility. Li 9 teamed up with Michigan's very own Veeze, and the result is a harmonious blend of sick flows and energy.

What stands out most about this track is the way Li 9 and Veeze complement each other's styles, creating an infectious energy that is impossible to resist. The boisterous horns and booming 808s layer perfectly, providing a unique bounce that serves as the perfect backdrop for the two artists to flow effortlessly over. Li 9's monotone delivery adds a touch of balance to the triumphant production throughout.

As someone who appreciates the intersection of different sounds and styles, it's always exciting to see artists from different regions come together to create something truly special. "Still Tippin" is a testament to the power of collaboration, and it's clear that Li 9 is just getting started. With over 637k views and counting on YouTube, it's safe to say that this track is pushing the boundaries of trap music in exciting new directions.

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