Peter McPoland Solidifies His New Sound with His Latest Single, “Blue”

Olive Soki

Last month marked a new beginning in Peter McPoland’s career. Taking less of a sharp turn and more of a smooth and seemingly natural pivot to the right, he shared his highly anticipated comeback single “Digital Silence.” As his fans and the TikTok algorithm gods forecast, “Digital Silence” was a hit. Now, a month after the single's release, which amassed a whopping 9 million global streams and saw him reach 2 million monthly streams on Spotify, Peter’s returned to reveal more pieces from the puzzle that is his upcoming debut album.

Sung, written and produced by McPoland himself, with the assistance of producers Austin Corona and Wyatt Bernard, “Blue” serves as a symbolic ode to the transitions that have and continue to occur in his musical and personal life. Ridden with an unmistakable transient essence, it is almost impossible to resist the motion set within those first few seconds. From that soaring guitar riff that persists until the very end - almost like that final ounce of adrenaline - to  Peter’s lyrics, which always manage to spill into poignantly implicit territory, Peter nudges his listeners forward to a land of nondescript musical catharsis.

Accompanied by a music video, exclusively brought to you by yours truly, “Blue” expands on Peter’s new found sound, creating much deserved allure for his upcoming project.

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