Liam Brock Continues To Cut Deeper On "Alone In My Clothes (Demo)"

Riley Furey
William Wark

Liam Brock is back with his first release of 2024, and it is somehow even more heartbreaking than the last. "Alone In My Clothes (Demo)" was one of the first full songs he ever wrote, and fittingly so, the first time he ever played it live was when he opened up for Arcy Drive in his first opening slot away from his home city.

I’ve been watching Liam grow as an artist over the past two years, and although this song is technically a step back in the timeline; it fits perfectly within the confines of where he is at as an artist right now. He has shown us the indie rock bangers, he has made the pop hit, and AIMC solidifies that even when you strip his music to the bare bones, there is magic waiting beneath.

The first two years of his career have been more experimental than anything, and I have a gut feeling that 2024 will be the year everything comes together. The Medina, Ohio native has been putting in hours upon hours into his music, and with confirmation from the man himself, you can expect releases coming every other month this year. And I for one, can’t wait to see what’s to come next.

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