Feel Infinite on A Night Drive with Johan Lenox’s "All My Fault"

When you hear tracks of Pop, R&B, and Rap; very seldom do you hear an artists’ background obsession stemming from those of classical composition. However, Johan Lenox does just that with his new single “All My Fault”.

It is a beautiful and emotionally complicated track of contradicting apathetic lyrics and upbeat production, that somehow has you picturing a coming of age feature film in your head, and delivers a story of a soulless working 9-5 blue collar character that just wants to start living. Everyone has phases; a new chapter with so much energy and perseverance wanting to be taken back like it’s day one" until it gets the best of them, "one day I might be coastin', then I’m lost in the ocean."

Pre-chorus runs through as though you’re having a conversation with yourself and the five stages of grief; efforts to convince yourself you’re okay with your current chapter followed by denial, escapism, then acceptance. "And I try to stay okay, “on my grind”, so they say. Slow me down, run away. I’ll be lost for a long time." In the end, you realize it was all you who put yourself in that situation and at some point, it simply is what it is. "Everything’s all my fault…I’ll be alright."

With an intensive background in creating classical compositions heard at Boston’s Symphony Hall and New York’s Alice Truly Hall by the age of 18, and an education in music at Yale, it’s no surprise that “All My Fault” is anchored by a strongly stacked orchestra string arrangement and layered guitars. With one of his compositions, “Yeethoven,” combining the works of Beethoven and Kanye West, Lenox has claimed hearing Kanye West’s, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, to be his introduction and inspiration to the unique combination of classical music, modern pop, and hip hop. You can even hear these reminiscences in the vocal production in the pre-chorus and chorus of the track with the ending of West’s ‘Runaway’.

As someone who began their music journey as a child learning classical piano, myself, if you’re a fan of classical music, the orchestral/choral arrangements in hip-hop tracks of Metro Boomin’s “Creepin” and Travis Scott’s Astroworld, or simply just love coming of age soundtracks like "Free" By Bakar; Johan Lenox is the artist for your next night drive to feeling infinite. Lastly, whoever the music supervisor is for Netflix’s Everything Now, I highly recommend this track for consideration and expect to hear it in Season 2!

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