Artist Spotlight: Lil West

Perry Avgerinos

He lives on the east, but they call him Lil West. Born and currently residing in Delaware, the Hip-Hop artist is quickly leveling up his status to a national rank. The 20 year old has an eclectic tonal quality, drawing influences from indie rock, heavy metal, and trap, producing a melodic yet gritty aura in the Emo-Rap ballpark. His latest project, Metallic Body Language, is a four song collaboration EP with Brevin Kim, featuring all-star production from 100gecs front man Dylan Brady.

The record "Bleach" highlights contrasting vocal melodies and deep growl verses. Lil West effortlessly rides the moody guitar strums on top of Dylan's signature hyper pop distorted 808s. The rising talent is on a "No L's" mission, and considering his discography, we think he's up to something big.

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