Little Monarch Returns with Single “Do It for You”

Kieran Kohorst

While you only get one chance to make a first impression, a considerable amount of pressure is assumed when making a re-introduction as well. On their first release in almost a year, Venice-based band Little Monarch returns with more music, more experience, and more expectations. From the sound of new single “Do It for You,” the band seems unphased by any stakes inherited by their absence. The song projects a sense of freedom and ease; the loop that drives the track makes you feel as though you’re a vinyl record spinning on a turntable. “Do It for You” has a quiet urgency, slinking along to a groove fit for another decade but thriving next to the new-age ingenuity of Little Monarch. Spearheaded by multi-talented artist Casey Kalmenson, the track’s fluidity distracts from the tale of unequivocal devotion shared in the lyrics. “All the things I did / All the things you do / Everything I do, I do it for you,” Kalmenson sings, with a hushed tint of exclamation in her voice. Little Monarch’s return is not marked by a boisterous proclamation but rather an elegant statement of all that makes the band magical, a pointed expression of their unbound potential. 

Candidly described as “a band of friends,”Little Monarch’s strength is in its numbers: to be judged by their weakest link would be a compliment. The aforementioned Kalmenson wears the hats of singer, writer, and producer with worthwhile collaborators Justin Andres (guitar, bass), Lanita Smith (vocals, keys), Reade Prior (drums), Nick Setter (guitar, vocals), and Ryan Marrone (production). The ensemble’s varied perspectives and styles contribute to Little Monarch’s nonconforming sound. While all contributors have experienced growth in their own right, Kalmenson’s resume has received a notable boost in 2023: early in the year, she hit the road with Gracie Abrams to play keys in her band on the Good Riddance Tour, and tagged along with Abrams in her opening role on Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. Reprising her role in Little Monarch, Kalmenson and crew haven’t missed a step in their absence, back as if they never left.

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