Yung Sum Re-Emerges into the Music Scene with New Single “Lowest That I’ve Ever Been”

Sundhya Alter

In his first single since 2021, Yung Sum writes and produces “Lowest That I’ve Ever Been,” a song that confronts listeners with the exposed confession of an emotional downward spiral, ultimately delivering an unguarded explanation for his absence. Instead of hiding behind his past, he chooses to be candid about his struggles, opening up a deeper conversation sprinkled with pitched-down vocals. Interwoven through an alternative layered production conveyed through laid-back bass and a simple guitar synth, the track is a conscious effort to be seen in addition to, rather than despite his personal flaws. 

The song begins with a slow monologue that the artist dedicates to the people who remind him of his better days, a steady intro that marries the simplicity and sentiment in the artist's sunken vocals with the lull of physical isolation. For Yung Sum, resisting the gravity of falling even further into a pit of dark oblivion becomes captured through melancholy strings and sedated harmonies, previewing the anguish and fear that devoids the lyricism of the track of a hopeful ending. By the second verse, the rising producer picks up the pace with a set of rhythmic bars rapping about the toxicity of our generation's materialistic vices, a burst of energy that carries the song to its hook. However, despite an upbeat moment, the vocals continue with his signature soft disposition, a telling consistency in both emotion and style throughout the track as if to quietly show his inability to pull himself out of his deepest hole. In showcasing his varied creative toolbox, from writing to producing, Yung Sum hints at a personal reconciliation as if using distorted and pacifying tones becomes a way to reunite with both his music and his own healing journey.

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