splendi is Love-Drunk on New Single “drink you up”

Kieran Kohorst

On new single “drink you up,” Philadelphia-based artist splendi maneuvers through romantic tones with the casuality of pouring another glass of wine. The swooning, needle-drop quality of the song’s opening sets the stage for a slow dance, but a record-scratch transition introduces a more lustful atmosphere. The woozy guitars soundtracking splendi’s confession of attraction play well with her soft vocals; her matter-of-fact delivery is the product of her expressing what is blatantly obvious to her, speaking an unspoken truth. “I’m no sommelier, but I know we pair well,” she wisps, putting it all out in the open. Once this moment of truth has passed, time seems to slow down in conjunction with the track.

“So do you think you could stay, babe?,” splendi quietly pleads, having become suddenly shy now that her feelings have taken up a presence in the room. At this point, the track has expanded even though the music has mostly evaporated. She fills the space with other reasons for the song’s subject to stick around, like the fact that they don’t have an umbrella and “the puddles would get in your way.” Her innocent pleas do the trick: “We spent the night and woke up three years later,” splendi sings to close the track. The line mimics the experience of “drink you up” as a whole; the instrumental developments paired with the song’s portrait make 3 minutes feel like the story of an entire night. You feel the tides of emotions in sync with splendi’s narration, the tale of a romance found at the bottom of a bottle. “drink you up” is an intoxicating listen, a love-drunk account told through rosé-colored lenses.

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