Liv Miraldi Opens Up On New Song “Teeth”

Kieran Kohorst
Chelsea Balan

On her new single, Liv Miraldi proves herself a master of disguise. After moving to Los Angeles from Ohio with a publishing deal in hand, the optics of her life concealed the conflict that consumed Miraldi internally. “I was at my lowest during this time, grappling with profound heartbreak, loss, and depression; but, from social media all you would see is that I was living ‘the dream,’” she explains. “When I look back on this season, the only noticeable sign that I was struggling was that I had stopped smiling with my teeth."

“Teeth,” an ode to what was missing during this time in her life, mirrors Miraldi’s attempts at concealing her emotions in its production, credited to both Miraldi herself and Ella Boh. Not boisterous but making its presence known, the instrumental begins tame but quickly swells. When Miraldi makes her entrance, her voice is not melancholic but a bit weary - the auditory manifestation of a forced, soft smile. Her strength begins to build as the song develops, her writing invigorating her delivery. While her emotions can be concealed by a spacious backdrop and measured vocals, the proof is in Miraldi’s lyrics: “I moved away / New shit, different state,” she muses, going on to chronicle the effects of depression and anxiety on her lifestyle. While the strength Miraldi displayed in hiding her struggles is something to behold, it is the courage in her confession that is most honorable. 

Stepping into her image fully, Miraldi shines as a writer and vocalist, both presented clearly and effectively. Vulnerable but not transparent, “Teeth” continues to add layers to Miraldi’s artistic identity, which was first built on her 2017 debut “Undertow.” Her second release of 2024, more is in store before the year runs out as Miraldi plans to release a new project, '2019,' before the year is up. Already taking major steps forward, fans wait excitedly to see how much ground she is set to cover.

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