LUCA Delivers a Heavenly Yet Troubling Sophomore Single, “Altar”

Olive Soki

Following the release of his standout debut “Serotonin,” LUCA is back to reel you in with his latest single “Altar.” A collaborative production effort between the 19 year old singer and Will Catucci, “Altar” depicts the rugged and unstable grounds one finds themselves on when love turns to indifference.

Faithful to the general diction, the single wanders between a state of wistful daze and chaotic distortion. This dynamic back and forth ties into the overall atmosphere of the track. As LUCA sorrowfully sings of the emotional distance felt towards a significant other in the chorus, his vocals morph into a distant dream. A bit like he is slowly being swept away by the current, imitating the feeling of falling out of love. These effects lead to a stormy guitar solo. Alarming and slightly numbing, the solo emphasizes the storm brewing from within, as he attempts to communicate this new sense of detachment. Accompanied by simple guitar chords, and peppered with a neo-soul-adjacent bassline, “Altar” is the perfect moody yet heavenly song to soundtrack your heartaches and lost connections.

While these are still his first steps into the spotlight, LUCA has the knowledge and skill to back himself up. Music being a present in his life since early childhood, his craftsmanship and eclecticism oozes out of every song, offering a refreshing experience to new listeners. As these influences continue to fuel his sound, there is no doubt that his following will continue to grow along with his artistry.

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