Mark Ambor Wants What He Can’t Have in "Hair Toss, Arms Crossed"

Ian Hansen

After Mark Ambor’s, “Hair Toss, Arms Crossed,” went viral on TikTok with over five million video views and 40,000 pre-saves, it has officially been released. It is a catchy feel-good song about love and going for someone who is hard to get.

“Hair Toss, Arms Crossed is about the chase,” Ambor said. When you want someone more because they play hard to get.”

It is about the game of trying to get what you can’t have, in this instance, the girl of his dreams. The song is accompanied by a minimalistic acoustic guitar in which he sings effortlessly over. He lets his vocals take the spotlight which are layered to perfection. Ambor’s knack for songwriting and making a catchy song for someone in love, is something not many people can do.

“The way he sings, “But you’re pulling out the driveway. I keep walking towards you, you keep walking away,” to close out the chorus, leading into a beautiful guitar riff in the bridge is a perfect example of how to bring pure emotion out of a track.

Mark Ambor has already set his mark on 2022, with two phenomenal singles, and he is setting up for a dominant year. Listen to the single that inspired the rest of his EP below:


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