Buppy. and Shy High Collide for Introspective Single, “WTDWTS”

Freddie Fine

If you’ve been on TikTok in the last month, you have likely seen Buppy.’s viral new trend, a video of him smoking as he sings, “Hey, wait, what did you say? / I’m a lazy fuck and I smoke all day?” However, the full track turns out to be so much more than a smoker’s anthem, as Buppy. invites you to be his therapist on “WTDWTS” (What’s The Deal With This Shit) featuring Shy High.

From the very first verse Buppy. takes you directly into his mind, singing, “Smoking through my negative emotions / Like a blunt is a potion / Coping.” As the song goes on, it becomes clearer that smoking is causing him to suppress his emotions. He calls out people who attack him despite what he’s been through, while acknowledging that he is creating a cycle of pushing aside his problems. Buppy.’s combination of infectious rapping style and singing creates the perfect amount of danceability while still being able to understand the deep meaning. Production from DXCKLIN heavily contributes to this, containing a relaxed style with groovy undertones. A guest verse from Shy High highlights his multifaceted rapping style, combining a bouncy flow with fun lyricism. He continues to expand on the themes Buppy. explored, taking you through a past experience before concluding with, “What’s the deal with it when the deal never found you.”

The music video, directed by Alex Edep, advances the playfulness of the track while providing insight into the therapist/patient scenario. It’s certainly a can’t miss video for a track that must be on your radar. Listen below:

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