Luke Wild Starts 2022 with Tour and New Music

Nate Rummel

With a national tour and new project coming quickly, singer, songwriter, and producer Luke Wild is primed for a breakout 2022. The Los Angeles-based artist comes off of momentum from recent singles “Pack A Punch” and “PIE” featuring Deb Never, and kicks off a national tour with Neil Francis on January 23rd.

From playing in Church bands in Tampa to over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, Wild has come a long way. In recent years he’s collaborated with acts like Sir Chloe, Dora Jar, and Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood. His track “Fever Brain” is pushing 1.2 million streams on Spotify alone.

His upcoming EP came together quickly on what was originally a short break from work. He planned a quick trip to Nashville and New York City to catch up with old friends and get some much-needed rest. As an artist, it’s equally easy to work too hard or to play too hard, and Wild stressed the importance of finding a balance between the two. “You really do need to work, or you’ll go broke, but working too hard will make you burn out."

Ironically, the break gave him unmatched motivation to record. The inspiration of being somewhere new with new people helped him pull his third EP seemingly out of thin air. In the new project, Wild stays true to himself but has a slightly different sound from previous releases, and it’s one that could easily end up on the radio.

Wild’s gift for captivating hooks and catchy melodies makes his work uplifting and addicting, and his ultimate goal is to make people tap into their own emotions. After his last EP, Shoebox, he’s been a regular on Spotify’s Bedroom Pop and Lorem playlists, and I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more about him soon.

Catch Luke Wild on tour and tune in when the new project drops. Until then, stream one of my personal favorites, “Slow Motion,” below.

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