AJ.XO releases new single “Zoom Zoom”

Sundhya Alter

Since 2019, AJ.XO has been devoted to releasing a stream of singles, each one taking on an entirely different character of sound. It has become the artists signature mark on his growing name, trading consistency for unpredictable spurts of dreamy lullabies, experimental EDM patterns and his personal take on lo-fi rap beats. What’s so enduring about the New Jersey artist is that, while juggling genres and tempering opposing production styles, his delivery remains promising, rarely wavering from eclectic flows and cohesive storytelling. His new single “Zoom Zoom” carries on this reputation, a pop/dance inspired track that seems to flaunt the artists ardent confidence, attempting to win the affection of an unavailable woman over shiny pop hooks and twisting funk disco elements. 

Throughout “Zoom Zoom” AJ.XO is distracted by the mental chaos and the envy of desiring what you can’t have, a toxic consequence of one-sided dating that becomes all-consuming in the artist’s mind. But it’s not a song about unrequited love and in the midst of recounting everything he’ll do for her, it’s not at the sacrifice of his own pride, theres a limit to how far he’ll go even for the one he adores, he says “You know just what I’m on, say the wrong thing and i’ll be gone.” He’s casual in the way he addresses his love letters, bumping along with easygoing percussion amid groovy bass, the song is a lighthearted and refreshing take on love and dating without giving into the weight of emotions. A track made for careless summer romances, its fleeting narrative matches the artists optimistic demeanor, gliding along on his contagiously charming spirit as he does so well. 

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