Oscar Welsh Welcomes You to Be His “Mon Ami” in New Single

Perry Avgerinos

He doesn’t drop music as often as many of his listeners would like him to, but when he does, Oscar Welsh does not disappoint. With his first single since 2021, Welsh gives us “Mon Ami” – a summer daydream, encapsulating the setting of floating around on a boat in the sea somewhere.

From my understanding, “mon ami” is a French cliche meaning “my (close) friend.” To match the energy of Oscar’s friendliness, the self-produced beat really shines on this one, with funk-inspired grooves, lots of live instrumentation – including saxophones and liquid guitars. Oscar floats his playful vocals on top, creating a sunset groove that’s hard to resist dancing too. In fact, Oscar also animates and pinpointed the groove of “Mon Ami” quite well with.

Perhaps this is just the start of a new era for Welsh, with more music to follow soon. “Mon Ami” came in a timely manner, fitting my summer playlist to a tee. Until next time, enjoy “Mon Ami” below:

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