Malary Presents a Vulnerable Take on The Pitfalls of Romance in His New Single “Love Me” [Premiere]

Conner Crosby

Boston’s Malary assembled a very intriguing discography in only the last few months of 2020. In October, he dropped an EP entitled All Alone, which primarily showcased his conscientious rap chops, inspired by the likes of Jay Z, Nas, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar.

Malary separates himself from his influences by achieving unique levels of vulnerability on his songs whilst maintaining a certain energy in his delivery that is uncommon in songs of that style. Additionally, he sets himself apart with his ability to change things up and attack the genre from a more soulful, R&B angle, as demonstrated in the final track, “I Changed My Mind.” Malary recently followed up the EP with the release of the new single “Love Me.”

Once again, he channels his melodic side and delivers a deeply personal performance that details his perspective on a failed relationship with incredible honesty. As effortless as his flow sounds, you can very much feel his pain. Featuring spoken segments from a female vocalist and moodily ambient production, the song captures a unique vibe, and we have no qualms stating that you should go check it out and save it to a playlist so you can listen to it again when you’re in your feels.

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