Mamadou. Brings an Otherworldly Atmosphere to “A Rose Told Me About Love.”

Ian Hansen

There's so much to love about 22-year-old Harlem poet, singer, and songwriter Mamadou. He isn’t afraid to go against what is mainstream and create his own lane. The reason I started this write-up with his age is because his writing contains so much wisdom for only being 22 years old. His recent single, “A Rose Told Me About Love,” showcases his uncanny ability to turn a poem into a beautiful soundtrack.

The way he uses a rose as a metaphor of love and tells this conversational story about lessons he learned from a flower puts a smile on my face. One of the lines that stuck to me was the one about how the rose told Mamadou. to bloom.

It’s not just his lyrical ability. A lot of people can throw cool stories together, rhyme, and call it a day. It’s the atmosphere that he sings through. It’s angelic the way his vocals mix perfectly with the production. Mamadou. sings so nonchalant over this gorgeous acoustic guitar loop with these soothing counter melodies coming in throughout.

Mamadou.'s heavenly tunes don’t get old. He is truly one of the few artists who I think will have real longevity in music. He can do it all and has a gift in songwriting.

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