Pardyalone’s Vocals Are Next to None on “She Likes My Tattoos”

Ian Hansen

Pardyalone bridges the gap between stardom and reality, as he lets his audience know that it’s okay to feel. His recent single, “She Likes My Tattoos,” screams smash hit for these reasons. The songwriting hits the heart and his melodies hit the soul. It’s a song anyone can enjoy.

The Minnesota artist sings over a summery guitar melody with a chorus that showcases how much he has developed as an artist. He reminds me of Post Malone in a sense due to how he naturally, I don’t know, yodels. It’s effortless, and he keeps the flow steady all at once.

As someone who produces, I always pay attention to the little details, and one thing I love about this track is the subtle switch between trap drums in the hook and the rock and roll drum breaks throughout the verses. Pardyalone’s melodic creativity never fails to leave me wanting more. I’m excited for his future and I look forward to seeing how many lives he has a positive impact on.

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