Manila Killa’s Debut Album 'Dusk' Was Worth the Wait [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

What a journey it has been for Manila Killa. From teaching himself Ableton at high school in the Philippines, to releasing his debut EP, “1993” in 2019, the electronic producer/ artist has finally released his long-awaited debut album, “Dusk.”

To say he has mastered his craft in electronic dance music is an understatement. He has taken the craft and has turned it into a full blow artistic masterpiece. The soundscape and aesthetic he brings to this project is incredible. From the beautiful artwork to the lush vocals from the featured artists, and of course the production makes for one soothing experience.

The project has such a wide variety of sonic creativity but still comes together in this cohesive manner. The second track, “Dusk” combines an 80s pop hit that transitions into an uptempo electronic pop banger. The synthesizers on “Sleepless” matched with Panama’s vibrant vocals put me in a nostalgic place I’ve never experienced. It’s music you play at sunset in the Mojave Desert. “Take Me Higher” is one of the most abrasive tracks on the project. The build up and drop into this crazy drum break is as euphoric as it gets.

As I said, the project as a whole has a little bit of everything but still has cohesion that brings everything together. The artists who feature on the album such as Lights, TRACE, MADI, and everyone else involved fit their role to perfection. Manila Killa is truly a killer when it comes to bringing together a fantastic and exciting work of art.

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