The Beaches Share Their Carefree Single, “Grow Up Tomorrow”

Olive Soki

Currently completing their North American Tour, which includes two hometown shows in Toronto and an appearance at Ottawa Bluesfest, The Beaches are set-up to have a glorious summer. And in the spirit of adding fuel to the fire, they’ve offered up their first single of the year, titled “Grow Up Tomorrow.”

A perfect combination of thrilling electric guitars and breezy choruses, “Grow Up Tomorrow” is an anthem for anybody who’s just finding their way around the world. Youthful and relatable, they unapologetically nail that gnawing feeling you get when all your friends are getting along with life, while you're getting by and having fun. From trying to figure out how to make sense of taxes, imposter syndrome and house parties, all the bases are covered. Packaged as an alternative pop jam with nods to their rock roots, “Grow Up Tomorrow” accurately depicts the perfectly imperfect reality of navigating the business of living.

Marking the beginning of a new chapter, sound-wise, The Beaches are looking to share more fun and light-hearted tracks; something they definitely accomplished on this track.

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