Maude Latour Thanks Unknown Forces in Her Latest Single "Walk Backwards"

Joe DelloStritto

Maude Latour enjoyed a 2020 that solidified her spot in the indie pop world. With the release of three singles, two of which amassed over 2 million Spotify streams, Maude Latour has continued to gain momentum (Oh, also while studying at Columbia University).

The 21-year-old singer and songwriter has continued on her path to stardom kicking off 2021 with her new single, “Walk Backwards." “Walk Backwards” takes listeners through a description about a best friend that doubles as a secret lover. Within the track, Maude sings,

“Me and my friends do whatever we want, and by friends I mean only one in particular,” and later sings, “I know your boyfriend’s mad watch you grabbing my hand all day, so I just play it cool.” Maude Latour maintains silvery, melodic vocals atop the bass-heavy pop track, delivering an anthem that simply feels good. Her captivating sound has landed her placements on Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Indie Pop and Young & Free, and “Walk Backwards” will be spreading the name Maude Latour much further. Inviting, freeing, and catchy, enjoy “Walk Backwards” and tap into her takeover on our Instagram today.

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