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Huron John Lights up the Dancefloor in New Single "Arthur"

Chicago-native, Huron John fits the bill of the musical term "artist," in its purest form. Producing, writing, mixing, and mastering all of his work, Huron John paints a vivid story around his project, meticulously crafting his sound and visual aesthetic almost unparalleled – making him one of the most exciting independent artists to watch in the game right now.

Coming off his latest album Apocalypse Wow in 2020, John drops his first single of the new year, "Arthur," beginning a new chapter for John's incessant defying of genres. This time, he features buttery-guitar chords, shiny 8-bit synths, and a knocking 2-step drum pattern that'll have you dancing along. Complementing his elite production, John's smooth, slightly baritone vocal, floats a simplistic, yet catchy chorus melody, singing:

"See a penny pick it up,

All the day you got good luck,

We can get lost in it together.

Run it on the slot machine,

I saw you and you saw me,

We can get lost in it forever."

This combo of light lyricism and bright production makes for a colorful picturing of a young-love affair, unfolding on the dance floor. John continues to strike a stark balance between vintage video-game soundtracks and the sensibilities of post-modern indie pop, with incredibly catchy hooks. When listening to Huron John – you're entering his world, and if his upcoming album Cartoon Therapy sounds anything like this single, I never want to leave it.


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