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Ally Nicholas Breathes New Life into Pop-Punk Scene with “Warning Signs”

Ally Nicholas is the female emo pop/rock messiah 2021 needs. “Warning Signs,” out today, is Nicholas’ latest studio release. Rich punk-rock guitar, reverberating vocals, descending minor chords, and playfully intimidating lyrics make this track an anthem that deserves to be played at full volume.

The adrenaline that Nicholas taps into on this track is potent. Channeling a hybrid of Hayley Williams a la Paramore and Arctic Monkeys-esque production, Ally opens the track asking “Do you think you’re falling for me?” surrounded by staticy reverb, only to jump into the electrically charged verses. No matter who or what you compare Ally Nicholas to, it’s clear that she’s got a sound that is undeniably special.

“Warning Signs” stirs up images of watching the world fall apart as you just stand there watching (in the best way possible). It’s almost catastrophic, acknowledging the toxicity of a relationship but relenting to it, as she sings, “Together we might break but in my head it seems great.” Ally Nicholas is on her way to becoming the new face of pop-punk, as she takes it to a whole other level on this infectiously powerful track.


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