MAVICA Sends A Message with New Single “you could never do that”

Kieran Kohorst
Claudio M.A.

In her first single since 2020, MAVICA returns with “you could never do that,” a synth-driven confessional delivered with tranquility and precision. Written after a conversation with a fellow artist-friend, the track pulls into focus the sexualization of women in the music industry, an offense prevalent among female musicians. As a response, both the song and video for “you could never do that” offers a way for women to “celebrate our bodies on our own terms and not just as a tool to sell our music," MAVICA intends. The bass on the track is interwoven to provide a kind of comfort from the targeted lyrics, a source of levity that supports MAVICA in her efforts to balance sincere criticism and serene performance. She accomplishes both, controlling the narrative while also turning out a swirling, groove-infused return to action. MAVICA’s strength builds as the track develops, her voice maturing from a subtly fragile open to a composed intonation in correspondence with the instrumental. Her naturally consoling voice is not to bely the track’s intensity: “A suicide attempt to self-isolate / A battle for self love that is all in your head,” she muses, betraying the track’s otherwise spacious environment as she constricts the listener with her surreal writing.

In the video for “you could never do that,” her growing expression is expressed through her physical movement. Surrounded by a group of women, their motions are deliberate and gentle to start. As the song begins to take shape, the form of their choreography expands, taking on a more free-flowing interplay of support for one another. "We wanted to create something centered around the power of connection and complicity between women," video director Irene Calvo shares. "We also wanted to keep it very open and improvised. All these incredibly talented dancers came together to give movement to the ideas and feelings we were working towards." In her most confrontational track yet, MAVICA relied on her relationship with dance to empower her message. Though she started dancing at 6 years old in her hometown of Cartagena, Spain, she hadn’t danced in years prior to the video. “Dancing helps me connect to my body, understand myself better and to feel more grounded,” she says. A true celebration of the female body, the music video emphasizes community among women to reach their full, uninterrupted potential. A testament not only to her courage but artistic integrity, “you could never do that” plays like a ___ song, subliminally packing a punch in its defiance of exploitation.

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