The Hails Share an Ode to Their Musical North Star, “Fiona”

Olive Soki
Steph Estrada

When certain artists speak to us it is only a matter of time before they become something close to patrons of our musical orbits. And while feeling seen in such a way feels like an exceptionally singular experience it happens more often than we’d like to admit. In the spirit of appreciating their personal musical compass, Florida’s very own, The Hails, are here to prove their lack of immunity to starpower with their latest single, “Fiona.”

An ode to the ever ethereal and powerful Fiona Apple, “Fiona,” is coated with a thick layer of wanderlust and mysticism. Sung rather sweetly with a pinch of devotion and gratitude, lead singer Robbie welcomes us to sign his thank you card to the radically sensible singer-songwriter. In terms of instrumentation and cadence, “Fiona” is a little more laid back and drawn out compared to their past singles. Similar to the lingering power impactful artists have over us, each layer lingers and melts into the last, contributing to the overall mood of the single.

The third single released ahead of their debut album, “Fiona” showcases The Hails bottomless creative reservoir.

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