Mcamp Serenades the Morning in 2021 Debut

Ian Tsang

Portland native, Mcamp, is a self proclaimed “hopeless romantic” when it comes to love – consistently producing vulnerable serenades for the everyday couple. Staying true to his all-inviting persona, he seamlessly puts together a track sure to get you out of those morning blues. “sexy in the morning” is a two minute suggestive (yet somehow PG) narrative of the singer’s ideal AM routine. "The song sexy in the morning is really about reminiscing those perfect moments in a relationship – it feels like a memory to me, and it ignites those same emotions of love and lust," says Mcamp. You can hear just this in his lyrics when he says:

“Sleeping next to you, Got my t-shirt on, baby

Wake up in the mood, Throw that t-shirt on the ground.”

Soothing and grooving, Mcamp hides his listeners’ darkest thoughts behind 2021’s newest R&B anthem. What’s more impressive is that the track was a solo feat – produced in its entirety by the 21-year-old musician. Mcamp’s discography has no shortage of undiscovered hits – channeling similar themes and idyllic tones in “Speed Dial No. 1,” “I Wanna,” and “Chill (Ba Da Da).” Definitely keep your eye out for Mcamp – if this single is indicative of anything, it's that his breakthrough year is on the horizon. Stream “sexy in the morning” below.

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