Ori Delivers a Masterful Display of Cat-and-Mouse in Her Second Single of 2021: “Omo.” [Premiere]

Joe DelloStritto

ORI is no stranger to the game of love, or in some cases, the game of lust. After releasing her first single of the month, “Homeless Guy,” she is back with her second track of 2021: “OmO.”

While “OmO” stands for "on my own," the song is more about the tumults that come with searching for a lover. The singer and producer from Queens, NY dedicates this track to those who are caught up between despising the games men play, while also loving the chase. This track is easy on the ears, featuring an old-school indie-rocker beat paired with airy modern pop vocals. The surging artist uses the song’s groovy tempo to convey her promiscuous and infectious persona, moaning melodies and breaking off into suggestive verses. ORI’s Spotify bio reads “h0rny, obnoxious music,” and she’s not lying. The singer doesn’t leave any details up to the mind of the listener, beginning her second verse with:

"So if you like it you can taste it from the roof up in my mouth,

And I don’t know how much I say shit just to try and freak you out."

And ends her verse with, "Because it’s been a million days but I still wait here in my house, All I think about’s the way we make a baby on the couch." Everyone loves a little cat-and-mouse, it’s true. Not only does ORI admit this, but her artistry perfectly conveys the exact emotions attached to these games. Stream “OmO” today, and enter the mind of ORI.

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