Devin Kennedy and Caroline Kole Get Introspective on “Mean to Me”

Rachael Jansky

You are your own worst critic. A sentiment that has been true for ages, but feels especially relevant in an increasingly digital world where comparison and criticism run rampant. In “Mean to Me,” Devin Kennedy explores the ways we often self-sabotage and neglect to show ourselves the same love and forgiveness we show others.

The track begins with a simple guitar and Kennedy’s voice, allowing listeners to really focus on the poignant lyrics. Kennedy’s introspection and self-awareness is impressive, as he admits to knowing the detrimental effects his negativity has on him. Kennedy sings,

"I swear I’m just about to burn out,

I never give myself the same love,

That everybody’s got so much of,

I know,

When the thoughts that I regret they tell me lonely is my friend,

it’s time for company, company

"Mean to Me” features Caroline Kole, whose voice melts perfectly into Kennedy’s, creating bone-chilling harmonies. The track has all the makings of an incredible pop song between its explosive chorus and catchy melody. Expertly balancing heavy lyricism with bouncy pop production, “Mean to Me” demonstrates Kennedy’s versatility and overall artistry.

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