Boslen Showcases His Versatility and Attention to Detail in New Album, 'DUSK to DAWN' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

It’s dark. It’s emotional. It’s atmospheric. It’s Vancouver singer/rapper Boslen’s debut project with Capitol Records/Chaos Club, DUSK to DAWN.

This project is what more artists need to do, and that is put effort into the things that matter, such as spacey outros, clever transitions, and dope beat switches. Boslen does that from the start with the intro, “DUSK.” It is layered with spooky synths that transition perfectly into the second track, “VULTURES.” It isn’t just the versatile production, like the pop influence in “HAVE YOU” or the punk influence in “DENY,” featuring Tyla Yaweh, that makes this project so good, he also speaks about meaningful topics. He is fighting love, while simultaneously realizing the success he has with music and what that can do for his city.

The most impressive moments of this project come later with Internet Money signee, Dro Kenji, taking the stage and shining over a dark, airy, synth-layered beat on the song, “NIGHTFALL.” Next is probably his most creative and impressive track on the project, “NOTE TO THE CITY,” featuring local Vancouver legends, Rascalz. It starts with a R&B influence, and brilliantly switches into a boom-bap beat for Rascalz's feature.

This project is a great foundation for Boslen, and if this is only the beginning for him, he will be around for a long time. It is versatile – and proves Boslen can handle anything thrown his way.

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