Kevin George Can’t Be Put In a Box in New EP, 'Everybody’s in My Ear' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

After two singles, “All in My Head” and “Confused,” Kevin George proved his new EP, Everybody’s in My Ear was going to be special. And it was just that.

Showcasing versatility and energetically tackling many genres in Everybody's in My Ear, Kevin George’s new EP spans from mainstream pop to R&B. Title track, “Everybody’s in My Ear,” kicks off the project with distortion and a hard-hitting guitar riff, elegantly meshing with George’s soothing vocals - there's no doubt this song is a perfect summer bop. Other tracks follow the same pop influence such as “All in My Head” and “Super Sweet.” “Super Sweet” brings an Indie-pop inspired guitar melody, and Kevin George knocks it out of the ballpark with some of his most impressive vocal harmonies to date.

Towards the end of the project, R&B-inspired “Confused,"  offers beautiful vocal inflections over a bouncy bass line and a soothing piano. The final track, “Dreamstate,” brings him back to his SoundCloud-inspired rap era and is a perfect way to finish the project.

Kevin George is still in the beginning of his career and is already putting out timeless music that can resonate across a large audience through his versatility in many different styles of music.

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