míra’s Music and Life Has Become A “blur”

Kieran Kohorst

Rising indie voice míra has released his newest single “blur,” a track in which the artist comes to terms with the life he has grown into in recent years. Auburn Bleach, his 2021 EP, landed míra on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie list, a playlist that recognizes potential as well as established artists. While míra currently qualifies as the former, his sound is cohesive and identifiable in a way that is rare among his peers. Blending elements of folk, R&B, and rock, míra innovates a sound that suits the emotional environment of each song. At only 20 years old, the Paulding County GA product has a maturity in his music that compliments his talents acutely.

“blur” sees míra conflicted in the life his music has afforded him, reflective of what used to be and contemplative of what should be. “I remember when the days passed by slow-mo,” he opens the song, only to reveal that now it's “all gone,” seeming regretful and lustful for that time to return. Though he’s still living in the same area and “still waiting on a big break,” doubt tempts him to compromise for a simple, ordinary life. After passionately denying this fleeting thought, míra confesses that “life’s been a blur since,” somewhat exclamatory but with perhaps some anxiety as well. The track ends theatrically as míra’s influences of Jeff Buckley, Tyler, The Creator, and Mac Miller come to light in the closing. “blur” serves as míra’s second single of 2022, following February’s “YEARS WASTED.” With momentum solidly building, míra is poised to be at the top of playlists with every new release.

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