Monét Ngo Releases His Hazy Debut Single “Lonestar”

Olive Soki

Birthed from the woes and confusions of life, “Lonestar” speaks to the pressures Monét Ngo faced as he found himself having to choose between two divergent paths. Doubling as an alchemist, he turns a rather distressing and disorienting situation into a beautifully cathartic song, making us wish we could all muster beauty out of madness.

Starting off the song by explaining exactly where he stands, he truthfully admits that he neither knows who he wants to be, nor what’s to come in the near future. From then on, the fuzzy and spacy guitars take over the chorus, sonically emulating that blurry feeling of dissociation. The further you get into the track, the harder it becomes to tell where his voice starts and the distorted guitar ends. Melting together in a swirl of frustration and sonic bliss, the instrumentation quickly becomes another accessory to his pleading vocals, accentuating the whirlwind of emotions explored in the lyrics.

This being his first single, “Lonestar” marks the beginning of his music career. And while the future may be uncertain, it’s hard to imagine one where his star doesn’t shine as bright as Polaris.

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