Mila Webb Kicks off Her Career with Her Debut Single “Lucky Nights”

Olive Soki

A self described “late bloomer” Mila Webb is finally ready to flourish as she releases her first song “Lucky Nights.” The slow-paced and starry night-worthy track feels like the perfect introduction to what I hope will become a fruitful career.

Although it starts out pretty subtle, her soft vocals lead the song into a series of heavenly choruses. Adorned by dreamy lap steel guitar, the chorus slowly gains a significant amount of texture, swelling up just as quickly as it dips back down into the next verse. As a result, the song never reaches a plateau keeping the listener locked into her ever-expanding orbit.

Illustrating feelings of personal loss and longing, the track carries an aura of potential despite the darker themes. And the longer you listen, the harder it becomes to escape her starry skies.

Following this release, Mila isn’t quite ready to fall back into the shadows. Luckily for her new fans, this means they won’t have to wait much longer as her first EP is scheduled to come out April 15th.

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