Rachel Chinouriri's New Single Is "All I Ever Asked," For and More

Olive Soki

Sometimes when a friend shares details about their less than enjoyable break-ups, you can either listen earnestly and try to give the best advice possible, or store that information to use as inspiration. Rachel chose the latter. While this might not fall under the universal guidelines of ethical friendships, the song that came out of it definitely paid off.

Prior to its release, “All I Ever Asked” lived exclusively on TikTok and garnered a fair amount of love and attention from her fans. Once released, the single quickly became an essential track to her listeners, one they could rely on in times of need or while daydreaming. Steady paced, and breezy, she explores the woes felt through the rough patches of a relationship, along with all the questions that bubble up once everything is said and done. Sung sweetly with the occasional harmonization added in the chorus, the single feels like a much-needed post-relationship self-care anthem.

Recently signed to Atlas Artists / Parlophone, Rachel Chinouriri is ready to be recognized as the rising alternative pop artist that she is. A title both well suited and deserved.

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