Morgan Wallen's Record Sales Skyrocket After Racial Slur Video Surfaced

Noah Schwartz

After being canceled for saying the N-word outside of his home after a night of partying, the country singer Morgan Wallen has been removed from every major radio station in America, streaming platforms, suspended by his label Big Loud/Republic and more.

However, his most recent release Dangerous: The Double Album is performing better than ever with a noticeable spike in sales and streaming since the video surfaced. It seemed like the country artist would be in a pretty deep hole after being removed from major radio stations across America, curated playlists on steaming platforms like Apple/Spotify, SiriusXM, and Pandora dropping the singer entirely from their platform. The list continues with Beverly Hills-based talent agent William Morris Agency dropping him, the Academy of Country Music Awards disqualifying him from receiving future awards, CMT blacklisting him, and label Big Loud/Republic marking him as “indefinitely suspended.”

Despite all of this deserving backlash – sales have nearly tripled and streaming has quadrupled since the video surfaced. Morgan seems to be reaping the benefits from all of the bad press and industry backlash and we’re starting to second guess if he actually got canceled or not...

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