morgxn Gives a “Modern Man” His Own Definition

Kieran Kohorst

Recent years have seen artists rebelling more and more against norms. Whether that be through release tactics, genre-fluidity, or industry rebellion, artists operate with more gusto than ever before. Nashville artist and activist morgxn is among the chorus of voices advocating for change, with his ambition extending past the typical points of contention within the music industry. “I have often felt like the idea of a ‘man’ in society is so arbitrary and stoic and honestly toxic and dangerous,” he says. “What is a ‘man’ and what is it that I’m aspiring to be? And if society has a fixed definition… how can I explore that for myself?” On his newest single “Modern Man,” morgxn approaches these questions earnestly and with plenty of groove. Disco-fueled and hypnotizing, the song rewrites the dictionary entry of a man, with morgxn effectively “reclaiming the idea of being a man, one who feels every emotion.” His conviction and liberation only grow as the song swells, a true anthem for those feeling caged in by outdated male standards. 

In a powerful act of societal and political defiance, the “Modern Man” music video makes a statement in every frame. Appearing in the video is Vidalia Anne Gentry, an activist, drag queen, and former classmate of morgxn's. Considering the strict limitations being exercised in Nashville in relation to drag and the unwarranted defense of masculine stereotypes, Gentry’s presence holds an even larger significance than otherwise expected. “Sometimes I feel that the freedom to really be ME is wrapped in another person’s definition. With the song and video I was hoping to flip a trope and ultimately find an expression that is uniquely my own,” morgxn comments. The borders of masculinity melt away when held to the fire of “Modern Man,” a song as empowering as it is necessary.

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