Nas and A$AP Rocky Premiere Official Trailer for Their Netflix Film 'Monster'

Rachel Guttman

Nas and A$AP Rocky have collaborated to create a new dramatic film entitled, Monster, which is set to release on Netflix in May 2021. The film is based on writer Walter Dean Myers’ novel from 1999 which has the same title as the film. The trailer was just unveiled to the world – however, the film was first premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2018 with a different title, All Rise. The film is directed by Anthony Mandler and co-produced by a few highly talented individuals, including Nas and John Legend.

Monster is a dramatic film based on the character Steve Harmon, who is played by Kelvin Harrison Jr. He is a 17-year-old teenager from Harlem, New York – a bright honors student who attends a prestigious high school in the neighborhood. He has a passion for film, but before he can use this passion to make something of himself, he faces a felony murder charge, which could potentially land him in prison for the remainder of his life. The film carries on and displays the complex legal struggles he faces and what ultimately happens to Steve Harmon.

Amongst Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jennifer Hudson plays Mrs. Harmon, and Jeffrey Wright plays Mr. Harmon. A$AP Rocky also stars in the film as an artist named William King. In addition, Nas joins the cast and portrays one of Harmon’s inmates. The cast is overall pretty stacked in terms of talent, with many more talented actors listed among the acting roster. Watch the trailer to the highly anticipated film below:

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