Natalina Exudes Pop Prowess on “Need Some Friends”

Ben Wego

Los Angeles-based indie pop sensation Natalina unveils her latest single, "Need Some Friends," a delightful bubblegum pop anthem adorned with an irresistibly catchy hook.

Natalina's velvety pop vocals take center stage on "Need Some New Friends," particularly in its spirited chorus where she boldly declares, "You need some genuine companions!" to a former lover. Revealing a daring facet of her personality, she defiantly dismisses those lingering in past relationships, standing up against negativity.

Channeling influences from luminaries such as Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, and SZA, Natalina epitomizes pop excellence. Her music not only captivates with its infectious melodies but also provides a sanctuary for emotional expression, crafting a secure ambiance for listeners to explore their feelings. Take a listen below:

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