DLG. & Koastle Reunite to Bring Listeners “STRANGERS”

Rachel Guttman

Rising Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter DLG. and the dynamic DJ duo Koastle reunite after their successful 2021 collaboration on “Stay Close,” delivering yet another masterful fusion of ethereal melodies and vibrant rhythms in their latest release, “STRANGERS.”

DLG. has recently garnered significant attention through his fresh musical style that transcends genres, exuding an infectious, feel-good vibe that has widespread appeal. His sound emanates an irresistible, uplifting energy that will make you genuinely happy.

The track introduces itself with an entrancing melody that instantaneously captures the listener’s attention, setting the stage for an immersive musical journey. The seamless weaving of diverse electronic elements constructs a distinctive atmosphere that not only grabs but also sustains your focus. 

DLG. shares: “’STRANGERS’ is about my girlfriend. I met her only two weeks after moving to LA and we’ve been together ever since. She’s the best person I’ve met, and this song is about how, even from that day, we’ve never felt like strangers.”

The lyrics mirror the instant connection and unwavering bond between two people, vividly expressing the feeling of meeting someone who instantly feels like home, even in the midst of being strangers, resonating with anyone who's experienced a deep, immediate connection with another person. “STRANGERS” not only unveils DLG.’s personal journey, but also encapsulates a universal narrative of connection and relatability.

Don’t miss out on experiencing DLG. and Koastle’s new song! Be sure to check it out below:

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