Nashon Explores Zombie Romance in “rotten”

Ben Wego
SJ Spreng

New Jersey-born, California based singer/songwriter, Nashon has released a new single titled “rotten.” “rotten” invokes an 80s slasher vibe as it was inspired by a zombie romance (a la Warm Bodies). Nashon craftily blends alt rock and indie pop – respective of early Steve Lacy – with the angst of alt-rap newcomers, Jean Dawson & Teezo Touchdown.

The instrumentals are coated in 808's reminiscent and a layered chorus reminiscent of Empire of The Sun, Nashon creatively raps “memories they fade / til' II'm just skin and bones / she put one in my face / but it didn't take my soul / put one in my brain / cause my heart is fucking cold / I don’t know how to say / cause my jaw don’t work no more / so I just walk away / I’ll go and never stop the pace / cause maybe by the end you’ll say / I’ll love you whatever it takes.”

Nashon brings 80s elements and a creative perspective on romance through the lens of a fictional zombie universe. The beauty of the song comes through with Nashon’s passionate vocals and infectious catch. It’s refreshing when artists use allusions to other artistic mediums to encapsulate the universal experience of love. Nashon’s approach on “rotten” through zombie romance and a moody aura lends to an invigorating and unique listen.

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