Florida Rapper Nate DAE’s “No Friends” Is Aggressive, Forward-Thinking, and Catchy as Hell

Carter Fife

Fellow Nate DAE stans rejoice, as today the Florida rapper/singer returns with “No Friends” – his first single since his sophomore LP Such Is Life. Though it’s been a few months since we’ve heard from our hero, it may be safe to say he’s kept himself busy while working behind the scenes. Whether or not you caught Fantano giving Nate DAE a co-sign earlier this year, or if this is your first introduction to the artist, consider “No Friends” an ideal introduction. Synthesizing his signature eclectic sound with cleverly-written internet-rap stylistics, Nate DAE is making a strong case for 2021 being his year.

Making yet another mark on 2021 with a newly-minted single, I can’t tell if my excitement about “No Friends” comes from it being an absolute heater, or whether his absence has just made the proverbial heart grow fonder. No matter the cause, Nate DAE’s potential is undeniable on his latest release, with thundering bass signals and vintage synth sounds providing the perfect foundation for the Florida artist to rap on. If you heard Such is Life, then “No Friends” should be a healthy dose of something both familiar and brand new. Nate DAE’s writing is just as effortless as ever, but his aggression and anger lends a refreshing sense of originality to one of hip-hop’s most promising upcoming acts. With more music and visuals slated for future release, Nate DAE is quickly becoming an essential artist to keep on your radar.

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