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Nate Fenn Attacks Today’s Anti-Social World with "On Your Phone"

Sheesh’s very own Nate Fenn has blessed us this week with his first release of the year, and one that I’ve been patiently waiting for as I constantly hear snippets across TikTok. “On Your Phone” is just his fifth song ever, and he’s already showing amazing talent and diversity across each release thus far.

In an age of such a digitized lifestyle, “On Your Phone” attempts to break these norms and encourage people to take a step out of the internet, singing, “Nobody gon’ love you when you sit there keep on typing on your phone.” Nate goes on to explore the downturn of this relationship, exploring how his partner’s focus switched from their love to their phone. Adding to this change of tone is constantly varying production, developing into something completely different by the end. What begins as a melodic guitar riff transforms into an exciting bass driven, head bopping instrumental filled with all sorts of beat drops.

Keep an eye out for what Nate has to come this year, as this is just the start of something big for him. Listen to “On Your Phone” below:


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