Nessa Barrett’s Sultry New Single “girl in new york"

Ben Wego
Credit: Kristen Jan Wong

Viral sensation turned pop star, Nessa Barrett, is back with a new single titled “girl in new york." Barrett’s masterful dark pop takes inspiration from the tumblr era of sad girls with its vintage aesthetic. 

Infusing a soft rock and jazz inspired feel uniquely intertwined with her smokey delicate vocals, Barrett shares a tale of sending her lover back to New York where he presumably goes to cheat on her. It’s a very “The Other Woman” meets “Million Dollar Man” by Lana Del Rey inspired narrative with lyrics like “Who the hеll is she / Taking you from me? / Baby, I know about the girl in Nеw York.”

The detailed lyrics in the track ( i.e: her lover cheating by riding in a yellow taxi to a hotel and buying her drinks on 8th street) adds a layer of intricate storytelling while Barrett juxtaposes herself to the other woman “You said I was yours / maybe just on the west coast.” 

Nessa Barrett is consistently proving that she is worthy of a promising music career with the fame the internet has given her. “girl in new york” is proof of her magnetic vocal talent with its sultry starlet energy and showcases Barrett’s keen ability of storytelling through a timeless aesthetic.

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