Aisa's Musical Odyssey Unveiled in Soulful Single "Company"

Samantha DeCarlo
Joshua Viray

Las Vegas-based Filipino-American pop/R&B sensation, Aisa, unveils his latest musical gem, the soulful single, "Company." With a melodic fusion reminiscent of icons like Steve Lacy and Frank Ocean, Aisa delivers an emotionally charged performance that transcends boundaries.

Drenched in heartfelt vocals and accompanied by visually captivating imagery, "Company" is a testament to Aisa's distinctive and vulnerable voice, injecting an authentic vibe into the song's narrative. Timed perfectly for the year-end festivities, the single taps into the spirit of relaxation, reflection, and gratitude, capturing the joy and invincibility that accompanies the right company.

Complementing the auditory feast is the official visualizer, a masterpiece crafted by the talented Miles Murphy. Aisa takes center stage as both the writer and lyricist, with production credits going to the dynamic duo of LOUALLDAY and Floyd Fuji.

As fans eagerly await the early spring of 2024, anticipation builds for Aisa's upcoming full-length project. Promising a deep dive into his roots, childhood, and the concept of home, the album is poised to be a reflective and intimate journey. Aisa invites listeners to connect with his experiences on a profound level, setting the stage for an immersive musical exploration.

In the competitive realm of the music industry, Aisa's "Company" stands tall as a testament to his artistry, skillfully blending music with vulnerability. As he continues his quest for success, this single is a precursor to the indelible mark Aisa is sure to leave on his devoted fan base. Stay tuned for the rhythmic revelations in the musical tapestry he weaves with every note.

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