gerry Releases Highly Anticipated New Single “Dear”

Rachel Guttman

gerry, a 23-year old singer/songwriter hailing from South Africa, embodies the narrative of an artist who ventured beyond the confines of a phone screen to manifest his musical dreams. Shifting gears from law school to music, gerry seized the downtime of lockdown to swap his legal books for a guitar. His journey burgeoned online, where unique covers and original compositions became his first language.

Emerging as an independent artist, gerry has unfurled his creative wings. Unfettered by boundaries, he releases a new track entitled “Dear” that echoes his soulful essence. This has been his most highly anticipated single that he has been teasing on social media for months.

“Dear” is a beautiful testament to love, encapsulating soft melodies that conceal a profound depth, creating an expansive canvas for listeners to immerse themselves in. In the track, gerry doesn’t merely craft a song; he builds an intimate connection with his audience. The song’s emotive resonance is a testament to his musical journey, inviting listeners to join him in this spellbinding narrative of love and longing.

Be sure to check out “Dear” by gerry below:

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